Stranger Danger Program

Ideal for human directed aggression,

low confident dogs, fear reactive dogs

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Does your dog struggle with aggression (also known as reactive behavior)?

  • Has your dog growled, snapped, lunged, almost bitten, or has bitten a human?

  • Do you avoid going to the vet or feel anxious on vet day because your dog struggles to trust strangers and the vet is unable to handle your dog or get procedures done safely?

  • Has your dog had an incident with a human that made you question if your dog is aggressive?

  • Does your dog lunge or growl at people they don’t know?

  • Are you unable to bring your dog to new places because you are worried about passing by other people and dogs?

  • Have you used punishment or other corrective methods that only seem to make things worse?

  • Do you love your dog more than anything and know there is a solution, but you just need to find the right trainer?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Stranger Danger Program is the perfect solution for you and your dog.

Benefits You’ll Receive from this Program

Confidence as you know what your dog is communicating to you by learning to read and understand canine body language

Eliminate conflict as you learn to communicate with your dog in a mutually beneficial way

An improved relationship with your dog as you become your dog’s leader and protector

A bond rooted in trust with your dog as you learn how to manage unfamiliar situations 

An established routine for interacting with strangers founded on consistency, predictability, and structure for successful interactions without incident

Implementation of a relaxation protocol

Stress-free appointments with your veterinarian

Rule out underlying medical causes for behavioral issues with your veterinarian

Improved quality of life for both you and your dog

Success Stories

I was at my wit’s end. I had dogs all my life but never one like Cooper. He was smart and loving but would become possessive and reactive without warning. I tried puppy school, small group behavior classes, and one on one training. Nothing seemed to help. I was frustrated and upset. I didn’t want to get rid of Cooper but knew that I couldn’t keep an unpredictable dog. All of that changed when I found Kristina. She is truly amazing. Kristina taught me that Cooper’s behavior wasn’t unpredictable. She taught me how to be more aware of the signs Cooper was giving me. Kristina’s kind and knowledgeable training gave me the skill set to meet Cooper’s needs. He wasn’t unpredictable. I wasn’t seeing what he was telling me. Once I knew what to look for and how to respond, our relationship drastically improved. I only wish I had found Kristina earlier!

Janet & Cooper

Life before training with Kristina was pretty hopeless. I had called the vet first, another trainer, and then Kristina. I was not sure what I was going to do with Fred. My reactive, rather large puppy seemed to change overnight. I was in tears while I was leaving messages for people to call me back. I was desperate for help and guidance when Kristina called and changed everything for us. Without her, I don’t even want to think about what we would have had to do.

Fred is a gentle giant who had no idea what to do around strangers and other animals who were not part of his immediate family. We started the in-person training, and after the first session saw that he was going to be okay. I honestly feel like if we hadn’t started working with Kristina, we would have given Fred up which was the last thing we wanted to do.

Fred is extremely smart, playful, loving, and all he wants to do is make you happy. When we started training, I noticed how willing he was to try new things and how eager he was to please and do what you asked! He looked forward to seeing Kristina, and I think he even looked forward to our volunteer strangers who came to participate in training set-ups so Fred could work on his reactions to people and new situations and we could practice giving him cues to show him he was safe. 

We now have a new muzzle and a new outlook on life. Recently, we have had a few vet appointments that have gone very well, something that would have been stressful before training. We have been using some of our new techniques that have become valuable tools for where we all are today.  

Fred is a covid puppy who was not able to be exposed to training until Kristina came along. We are so grateful for all of the guidance and support she has given us. We all love her and appreciate all she does for these pups.

Patti, John & Fred

So grateful for Kristina and her reward-based dog training. Kristina has taught us that our dog, Ellie is highly anxious and fearful and has shown us the ways she has tried to communicate those fears with us. Kristina has taught us to recognize the signs and how to redirect Ellie to keep her calm and feeling safe. We are confident, with continued work and training, that Ellie will be able to lead her best life as a more relaxed and happy dog.

Jenn & Ellie

Stranger Danger