Respect is universal. It knows no language and is owed to all living things.

Animals possess a natural beauty that captivates all who they encounter. Their eyes tell an unspoken story that reaches deep within the human soul connecting your heart to theirs. This connection can only be made if the human is willing to set down their air of superiority, and humble themselves before these innocent creatures. As a whole, we must transform a society of people who abuse their ability to reason as an excuse for treating animals like they are a lesser form of life.

It is important to realize that every species has their own pattern of living and their own social structure. Non-human animals all speak their own languages among their social groups, yet just because they do not speak the same language as humans, does not make them any less intelligent or worthy of a life free from pain and distress. Animals are not here for our use or entertainment, nor are we here for theirs.

We must realize that we are to be stewards of this earth, caring for the land and its creatures in a mutually beneficial relationship founded on the respect that is owed to all living creatures great and small.

Above all, we must persistently and ardently speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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