Animal shelters, whether nonprofit organizations or municipal shelters, rely on donations to provide for the animals in their care.

When you donate, it is important to know what you are donating to. Also, it is essential to realize that a shelter that looks a little rough around the edges just might be the place you should help out.

It is important not to discriminate between which type of shelter you donate to, whether it be no-kill shelters or shelters that will put animals down for a variety of circumstances. Remember that all organizations are not equal. The location, homeless pet population, budget, and even the community’s perception of animals all comes into play when caring for homeless animals.

Good shelters do not want to euthanize, but understand it is a necessary part of providing quality care. A shelter may have a 98% adoption rate. The 2% that are euthanized might be sick or injured animals, elderly pets who are let go compassionately, or even dogs whose minds have become a prison from years of mistreatment and cannot be safely put into a home.

For shelters that might euthanize for space, consider that if they had more resources to provide for the animals in their care, they may be able to do more. Animal care workers do their best every day to advocate for not only animals but the people in their community.

With this being said, donating local or to a trusted organization is your first step. Call the facility you intend to donate to and ask questions. Veterinary costs, food, cleaning supplies, and building maintenance are major expenses.

Larger animal rights organizations may allow you to donate to a specific purpose. You may be able to pay for the spaying/neutering of a pet in the home of someone who can’t afford services, or maybe even donating toward animal cruelty investigators to pay for a necropsy, which can determine the cause of death of an abused or neglected animal.

The thing to remember is, shelters rely on donations to serve a four-legged, feathered, and scaled community that cannot speak for itself.

Having previously worked in a shelter, the ability to show up to the vet and say, “We will do everything we can while still remaining humane” to save an animal instead of the bare minimum, because of budget restraints, is a privilege that is indescribable.

This privilege of a well-supported shelter ensures animals in your community receive the best possible care to thrive, survive, and successfully be adopted into loving homes.

Support your local shelters and donate if you are able. Remember, every penny counts! Every dollar is a dollar the shelter didn’t have before. Try saving up your spare change and donate a few times a year. Or, if you have young kids, they could have a lemonade stand or collect donations instead of gifts for their birthday.

Even the smallest donation makes a difference in an animal’s care! Let’s work together to make sure our shelters have what they need to help homeless animals become adopted animals.


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