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Reactive Rover

Fluffy three color Jack Russell TerrierIdeal for cautious canines, dogs who bark at people or animals on walks or when someone is at your door, dogs who struggle with resource guarding, excitement related reactivity, or other reactivity-based behaviors.

Combination of in-studio, online, and in-home depending on location.

Pricing: $1200 for 6 sessions



Labrador retrieverBuild a strong foundation alongside your dog as you lay the groundwork for cues that will set your dog up for a lifetime of success.

This package is ideal if you have a puppy or adult dog, or if your dog has specific unwanted behaviors you want to alleviate.

Combination of in studio and in home or online via zoom.

Pricing: $1200 for 6 sessions


This package is for dogs who have graduated from one of our programs and need assistance with a new behavior or additional help with an existing behavior. Choose this package to pick up where we left off!

Available in studio or online.

Pricing: $500 for 4 sessions.


Stranger Danger

Ideal for human directed aggression, low confident dogs, fear reactive dogs.

Does your dog struggle with aggression (also known as reactive behavior)?

Has your dog growled, snapped, lunged, almost bitten, or has bitten a human?

Read more to learn if this program is right for your dog.

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 Online Self-Paced Courses

This course is ideal for humans with puppies and adult dogs who are looking to build and strengthen their bond through relationship based training. In addition to building a strong foundation of cues alongside your dog, you will also receive access to me via a client only Facebook group where you can post videos as you practice and receive feedback and get answers to course related questions! Course includes video instruction for each topic approximately 10 minutes in length and each video is supplemented with a written overview or write up. There are approximately 18 videos.

Pricing: $249


Sample Videos

Potty Training
Crate Conditioning: Safe Space
Proactive not Reactive
Mouthing and Nipping
Place Cue

Leave it
Drop with Wait, Stay, Impulse Control
Jumping up on Guests
Basic Commands
Loose Leash Walking
Coming when Called

Discovery Call

Not Quite Ready to Jump In?  A Discovery Call is a one hour Zoom call where we will learn about you and your dog. During this session, your dog will learn a new trick, or we will find a solution to one of your dog’s “old tricks”.  A lot of information and helpful tips are packed into this one hour mini-session. A great value for a minimal price. There is no obligation to buy additional courses.

Pricing: $125


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If you’re not sure which package is best for you, feel free to email or call me at 833.226.4636 to discuss your needs.