The Creation of Ethical Zoos

The Creation of Ethical Zoos

We have all been to a zoo only to find ourselves looking through smudged glass at a water monitor hiding in the corner of his or her exhibit, unable to move around freely with the water dish taking up most of the creature’s space. We have stood in front of the...

Dog Walking Etiquette 101

  While dog walking etiquette isn’t a blinding animal welfare issue, it is something all dog owners and those without dogs should be aware of. We are all just as guilty of reaching out to pet a random dog on the sidewalk without asking, as we are guilty of...

How to Care for Feral Cats this Winter

Walking to the library last year in 11 degree weather with a windchill that was even colder, my friend looked at me truly distressed and asked, “How are all the animals staying warm? They must be so cold out there without a home!” In this post, we are...

The Truth About Animal Circuses

Hopefully most of you have watched the video in the post titled “The Pain You Cannot See”. If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. As painful as viewing the cruelty displayed in the video might be, it is necessary to truly understand why circuses should...

The Pain You Cannot See

Trumpets sound as red, blue, and green lights illuminate the crowd. The sweet smell of cotton candy and popcorn fills the air while an excited audience awaits the first act. Music blares as the ring master’s voice booms through the arena. The audience,...