The Power of One

We are all guilty of walking past a pet store at the mall and looking through dirty glass windows to see a puppy sitting in a pile of shredded newspapers and filth before deciding to dismiss it. As the main character in Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan says, “The glass Read more…

Human Beings

“Human being, the species with the greatest potential to change the environment.” This message was written over a mirror at the Orlando Science Center amidst various reptile cages that were on display. This statement could not be more true. Every living thing is capable of changing the environment in some Read more…

Speak Up

Respect is universal. It knows no language and is owed to all living things. Animals possess a natural beauty that captivates all who they encounter. Their eyes tell an unspoken story that reaches deep within the human soul connecting your heart to theirs. This connection can only be made if the human Read more…

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