cropped-donkey.jpg Hi everyone! I’m Kristina and this is my blog. It is my goal to advocate for all creatures great and small, and to work towards communal changes in attitude that will benefit our earth’s purest forms of innocence. By being both an advocate and a professional, I believe I can make a real difference. The advocate brings passion to the topics at hand and the professional supports his or her interests with facts and experiences that reveal new perspectives. I will combine science, fact, and opinion to raise awareness to animal welfare and environmental related issues. Science isn’t about being right in the moment, but it is an open dialogue between interested parties with experiences and findings all contributing to this flow of information and exploration of ideas. I invite you to comment and post about issues that you are passionate about or that you would like me to blog about! I look forward to exploring animal and environmental issues together, and hope you leave this blog feeling enlightened.