Complimentary Consultation

Not sure which class to choose?  Sign up for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to help me learn more about your dog and your goals.

Stranger Danger Program

Ideal for human directed aggression, low confident dogs, fear reactive dogs


The Stranger Danger Program will:

  • Help you understand what your dog is thinking and feeling by learning to read canine body language.
  • Identify what is causing the behavior and put management procedures in place to prevent incident.
  • Empower you in managing, training, and handling your dog.
  • Teach you to communicate with your dog in a way that makes sense to your dog improving attention, focus and bond. 

Click here to learn more about the proven systems and techniques that can dramatically improve your dog’s behavior, bring back joy and relaxation into your relationship, and eliminate unwanted incidents.

Not quite ready to jump in? A Discovery Call is a one hour Zoom call where we will learn about you and your dog. During this session, your dog will learn a new trick, or we will find a solution to one of your dog’s “old tricks”.  A lot of information and helpful tips are packed into this one hour mini-session. A great value for a minimal price. There is no obligation to buy additional courses. I think you’ll be very pleased with what we can accomplish in 1 hour.

Potty Training

We can help you house train a dog of any age!

Basic Obedience

Help set your dog up for a lifetime of success through building a strong foundation.

Puppy Manners

Mouthing, nipping, and jumping up are all normal parts of raising a puppy! We support you and your puppy by helping to teach your puppy how to live alongside humans and how humans can live alongside their pups!

Body Handling

Whether you are setting your pup up for success
or you have an adult dog who is touch sensitive
we can help you and your dog learn
that touch is a good thing.

Loose Leash Walking

Walks should be fun and enjoyable for you and your dog! Let us help you get there by signing up for a session to work on loose leash walking!

Confidence Building

Learn how to help your dog find their courage in a world full of new experiences and build positive associations with things that previously scared them.


Behavior Modification and Rehabilitation

We work with you and your dog
to come up with a training and behavior
modification program that will fit into your lifestyle
to ensure implementation and success.


We develop management and training plans to help lessen reactivity in your dog’s life to help them to live their best lives possible alongside us.

Crate Training

A crate is a safe haven for your dog. We show you how to ensure that the crate is associated with all things good so your dog has a space of their own to retreat to.

Muzzle Desensitization

Conditioning a dog of any age and temperament to a Baskerville muzzle is so important! Bringing your dog to the vet for a procedure could be very traumatic for your pet. Having your dog already conditioned to a Baskerville muzzle will ensure that your dog has a more enjoyable experience on vet day.

Vet Prep

Book a private session to help set your dog up for success before, during, and after vet visits.

Membership Offer for Dog and Cat Parents

Members Receive:

• Two 30-minute group coaching calls per month with Kristina via zoom
• Access to an exclusive community page where you can interact with group members, join live sessions, or watch recordings.
Perfect for graduates to gain continued support, and an affordable way to get training help for your dog or cat.


Fear Free Certified Professional

Kristina’s Critters offers force free dog training to help build and strengthen the human-canine bond in order to allow dogs and their owners to live together without conflict in a species appropriate way.

Kristina O’Keefe has a Bachelor’s Degree from UMass Amherst in Animal Science and Pre-Veterinary studies. Here, she gained a lot of hands-on experience working with a variety of animal . . .


Kristina has done an amazing job working with our Cane Corso puppy, Gus. She worked with my kids, in addition to my husband and I, teaching us different techniques to use in different scenarios. After each lesson she provided a breakdown of what we learned in addition to providing links and checking back in with us to see how things were going. This was very helpful since it’s hard to remember everything during the lesson sometimes. We had worked with a trainer previously but will now only go to Kristina to help!

Sue Black McGrath

Getting a new puppy for the first time in years was very intimidating at first. I didn’t even know where to begin with his training. We called Kristina and after his first lesson he was already showing improvements in his behaviors. Her positive reinforcement dog training is really helping Guinness with his basic commands and even getting over his fears such as the car and meeting new people! Kristina is extremely knowledgable and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to train their new puppy or dog using a rewards based system!

Molly O’Brian

When I first brought Theo home, I was looking for someone who could help me to teach him the right way. Kristina came to my home every week to train and even involved my other dog Zeus! The price is very reasonable, and I love the fact that I get a print out every week that covers what we did in our session. We are looking forward to joining a puppy group class! I have enjoyed everything Kristina has shown me!

Kathy Birks

We cannot say enough great things about Kristina and her training philosophy! We started off with a one hour Discovery Call which included an intro to her approach and a discussion regarding our current training hurdles. Our session was a breath of fresh air! We gained so much knowledge about canine behavior in a short period of time, along with new cues to immediately teach Marshall. Afterwards, Kristina provided a written recap of our entire session via email with handouts and other recommendations which made my detail-oriented self very pleased! I was not expecting one session to provide so many benefits to our relationship with Marshall, and it’s greatly transformed the way we approach training with him because it’s now fun and not stressful to any of us. The force-free/fear free aspects of Kristina’s training philosophy on top of her calming and friendly personality were exactly what we needed to help us reestablish and strengthen our bond with Marshall. It’s so important and we cannot thank her enough!
Crystal, Kevin, Marshall